Flight Information

This system will show a real-time display of information relative to flight arrivals and departures at Eppley Airfield. Airline, Flight Number, Time, Gate and Current Status are available as information appears on monitors throughout the terminal. Click the 'Arrivals' or 'Departures' buttons below to access the appropriate areas.

Arrivals   Departures

Delta 1880MinneapolisA309:19pm
Delta 5215New York-LGAA109:26pm
Southwest 688Los AngelesB19NOW 09:30pm
Delta 2634DetroitA5NOW 09:37pm
United 491Houston-IAHB12NOW 09:44pm
American 5248CharlotteA609:50pm
Southwest 2109San DiegoB1710:00pm
American 2396Dallas-Ft. WorthA7NOW 10:14pm
United 5283Chicago O'HareB14NOW 10:27pm
United 381DenverB1310:38pm
Southwest 778NorfolkB1610:40pm
Delta 1376AtlantaA410:48pm
Southwest 2571Chicago-MidwayB1811:05pm
American 422PhoenixA6NOW 11:24pm
American 3372Chicago O'Hare11:39pm
Southwest 1325PhoenixB1611:40pm
Southwest 2608Washington-DCA07:55pm
Delta 1098AtlantaA208:17pm
American 306008:45pm Departed
Delta 4489MinneapolisA407:40pm
Southwest 2608Denver08:30pm
Last updated 02/08/16 8:59 PM
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