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Welcome to the official site of the Omaha Airport Authority

Attention Passengers: If you are departing Eppley Airfield on an early morning flight between 5:00am and 7:00am, please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before your domestic flight time. This will ensure you will have sufficient time to check-in at the airline ticket counter and proceed through the security checkpoint without delays. Food service is available inside the checkpoints.

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Flight Information

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American 3063Chicago O'HareA708:54am Arrived
Delta 6016Washington-DCAA4NOW 10:41am
United 4524Houston-IAHB12NOW 11:02am
Southwest 2375PhiladelphiaB1611:20am Arrived
American 3290Chicago O'HareA8NOW 11:29am
Delta 4568MinneapolisA411:35am Arrived
American 2277Dallas-Ft. WorthA7NOW 12:14pm
Southwest 2928Los AngelesB1712:35pm
United 3900DenverB1412:52pm
Delta 2400AtlantaA201:00pm
American 4949CharlotteA801:17pm
American 688PhoenixA601:35pm
Southwest 2426SacramentoB1601:55pm
United 6498Chicago O'HareB1401:57pm
Southwest 1892San JoseB1702:00pm
Alaska Airlines 3468SeattleA1CANCELLED
Delta 2417MinneapolisA302:56pm
Frontier 180DenverB1903:05pm
American 4214Chicago O'HareA803:09pm
Southwest 588Dallas-Love FieldB1603:30pm
American 1286Dallas-Ft. WorthA703:37pm
United 4111NewarkB1304:11pm
United 3682DenverB1404:35pm
Delta 5135DetroitA404:45pm
Delta 4511MinneapolisA504:50pm
Delta 1582AtlantaA2NOW 05:05pm
Delta 4732Salt Lake CityA305:05pm
United 4751Houston-IAHB1205:09pm
Southwest 2117Chicago-MidwayB1705:25pm
United 449Chicago O'HareB1505:43pm
United 3702DenverB1305:57pm
American 3389Chicago O'HareA806:29pm
Southwest 711San FranciscoB1606:30pm
American 2236Dallas-Ft. WorthA606:32pm
Delta 4489MinneapolisA407:05pm
Southwest 2608Washington-DCAB1707:55pm
Delta 1098AtlantaA208:17pm
Delta 1880MinneapolisA309:19pm
Delta 5215New York-LGAA109:26pm
Southwest 688Los AngelesB1809:30pm
United 491Houston-IAHB1209:47pm
Delta 2634DetroitA509:49pm
American 5248CharlotteA609:50pm
Southwest 2109San DiegoB1710:00pm
American 2396Dallas-Ft. WorthA710:14pm
United 3408Chicago O'HareB1410:29pm
Southwest 778NorfolkB1610:40pm
United 381DenverB1310:41pm
Delta 1376AtlantaA410:48pm
Southwest 2571Chicago-MidwayB1811:05pm
American 422PhoenixA611:24pm
American 3372Chicago O'Hare11:39pm
Southwest 1325PhoenixB1911:40pm
Delta 3794AtlantaA310:35am
Delta 6016Washington-DCAA410:41am
United 4349Chicago O'HareB1310:48am
United 4524Houston-IAHB1311:02am
Southwest 2375Philadelphia11:20am
American 3290Chicago O'HareA811:29am
Delta 4568MinneapolisA411:35am
American 3413Dallas-Ft. WorthA7NOW 09:30am
Delta 3794AtlantaA3NOW 11:10am
Delta 3399Washington-DCAA4NOW 11:16am
United 3272Chicago O'HareB1411:21am Departed
United 4649NewarkB1211:32am Departed
Southwest 876Chicago-MidwayB1611:50am
Delta 4568MinneapolisA412:10pm
American 3290Chicago O'HareA812:27pm
Southwest 1335DenverB1701:05pm
United 3876DenverB1401:27pm
Delta 2400AtlantaA201:35pm
American 4949CharlotteA801:50pm
American 2277Dallas-Ft. WorthA701:56pm
United 5259Houston-IAHB1402:32pm
Southwest 2427PhoenixB1602:40pm
American 779PhoenixA602:45pm
Southwest 1893Las VegasB1702:45pm
United 1216Chicago O'HareB1302:58pm
Alaska Airlines 3469SeattleA1CANCELLED
Delta 2417MinneapolisA303:37pm
American 4216Chicago O'HareA803:45pm
Frontier 265DenverB1903:50pm
Southwest 527Chicago-MidwayB1604:05pm
United 4417NewarkB1304:42pm
American 1286Dallas-Ft. WorthA704:53pm
United 3684DenverB1405:11pm
Delta 5135DetroitA405:20pm
Delta 4511MinneapolisA505:25pm
United 4680Houston-IAHB1205:39pm
Delta 1582AtlantaA2NOW 05:45pm
Delta 4732Salt Lake CityA305:45pm
Southwest 2117St. LouisB1705:55pm
United 3665Chicago O'HareB1306:32pm
Southwest 711Chicago-MidwayB1607:00pm
American 2236Dallas-Ft. WorthA607:12pm
American 3389Chicago O'HareA807:15pm
Delta 4489MinneapolisA407:40pm
Southwest 2608DenverB1708:30pm
Delta 5072DetroitA410:27am
Southwest 27Dallas-Love Field10:35am
Delta 3794AtlantaA311:10am
Delta 3399Washington-DCAA411:16am
United 3272Chicago O'HareB1311:21am
United 4649NewarkB1311:32am
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