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Welcome to the official site of the Omaha Airport Authority



Flight Information

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United 5959Chicago O'HareB13NOW 06:44pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA707:10pm Arrived
Southwest 4695San FranciscoB1607:20pm Arrived
United 5657DenverB1507:24pm Arrived
Delta 1098AtlantaA207:44pm Arrived
Southwest 1483Rochester,NYB1708:20pm
American 1362Dallas-Ft. WorthA708:55pm
United 4408Houston-IAHB13NOW 09:07pm
USAirways 2751Charleston,SCB1909:31pm
Delta 879DetroitA4NOW 09:46pm
United 450DenverB14NOW 10:07pm
Delta 1376AtlantaA210:11pm
United 5145Chicago O'HareB1210:14pm
Southwest 2200Ft. MyersB1610:15pm
Southwest 4713SeattleB16NOW 10:15pm
United 4085NewarkB1310:45pm
American 2362Dallas-Ft. WorthA710:55pm
Delta 3815New York-LGAA1NOW 11:01pm
Delta 908MinneapolisA311:01pm
Southwest 4568San JuanB1811:15pm
United 4308Houston-IAHB1511:17pm
Delta 4772Salt Lake CityA511:21pm
American 4305Chicago O'HareA611:35pm
United 5959Chicago O'HareB1306:44pm
Southwest 1390Pittsburgh06:50pm
Delta 4166Minneapolis06:52pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA707:10pm
Southwest 4695San Francisco07:20pm
United 5657DenverB1407:24pm
Delta 1098AtlantaA207:44pm
United 6007DenverB12NOW 05:56pm
United 4417NewarkB13NOW 07:15pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA707:35pm Departed
Delta 4506MinneapolisA407:45pm Departed
United 5657DenverB15NOW 08:15pm
Southwest 1483DenverB17NOW 08:50pm
American 2323Dallas-Ft. WorthA706:25pm
United 4385Chicago O'HareB1406:44pm
United 4417NewarkB1307:15pm
Southwest 1390St. Louis07:20pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA707:35pm
Delta 4166Minneapolis07:45pm
Last updated -07/29/14 7:50 PM
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