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Ground Transportation

Rental Cars

Rental car counters are located near Door #3. Ready car spaces are located on the first level of the surface parking structure (north of the 6 story parking garage), via a covered walkway across from Door #5.


The Ground Transportation Center is located inside of Door #3 on the lower level of the terminal building. Certain shuttles have phones there. Local hotel/motel (with or without shuttles) phone boards/reservation centers are located near the north and south baggage claim areas.

  • I-80 Navigator Airport Express:  Kearney / Grand Island / York / Lincoln / Omaha - 800-888-9793
  • OMALiNK:  Van shuttles offering transport between Omaha and Lincoln - 402-475-LiNK(5465)
  • OMASUX Express Shuttle:  Travel to/from Omaha to Sioux City / Sioux Falls and surrounding area - 888-233-1131
  • Windstar Lines: Travel around the region - 888-494-6378


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